business approach

TZG Partners is a Shanghai-based firm that builds and invests in high-growth businesses, challenging and redefining industry norms. The Group focuses on early stage companies in China and has private equity, investment banking, management, and new business start-up capabilities. TZG is unique in that it considers the social and environmental impact of its choices, leveraging its market knowledge, strategic thinking, and creativity to grow a portfolio of sustainable and responsible businesses.

TZG’s business acumen makes it your partner, not simply your investor.

TZG Partners respectfully borrows its name from Tao Zhu Gong (a.k.a Fan Li, b. 517 B.C.) – a renowned Chinese politician, ideologist, military and political strategist, and businessman. Mr. Tao is said to be the first person in history to use business analyses, and he made major decisions based on the conclusions derived from these analyses. He believed that one needed to understand the properties of nature and personalities of people, and then apply that to a changing economic environment, in order to succeed in both the business and political arena. As a result of his extraordinary achievements in business as well as his contributions to society, Mr. Tao was given the post-mortem name “Saint of Business.” In its current work in China, TZG Partners aspires to the long term vision, intellectual leadership, and superior insights that Tao Zhu Gong came to represent in his era.